Nexus 5 Leaked in Google Video?

Yesterday [September 3, 2013] was a big day for almost every tech-enthusiast. It was the day when 4 of the major technology giants, namely Google, Nokia, Microsoft and Apple made important announcements regarding their future plans and events.

Google also had a big announcement up their sleeve and it was about the next version of its mobile operating system: Android Kit-Kat v4.4. Soon after the company SVP Sundar Pichai’s tweet announced the new OS version and 1 billion device activations, a video was uploaded on Google’s YouTube channel featuring the unveiling of KitKat statue at Google’s HQ, Googleplex. What’s interesting about this video is that a Google employee is seen, at around 38 seconds in to the video, holding a mysterious, never-seen-before device with “nexus” written on its back-panel.

The New Nexus 5?

The New Nexus 5?

The device in question looks a little larger than Google’s currently available Nexus smartphone, Nexus 4. See that phone in the hands of the lady on right-hand-side for reference. That’s the one, a Nexus 4. So, if it actually is the Nexus 5 we’re talking about, it could mean that it will have a slightly larger, perhaps a 5″ display, and a bigger, may be even better camera sensor.

Now some may argue that it could only be a phablet or smartphone with a special case, also the back-panel of Nexus 7 tablet also looks a lot like the one shown in the image but there are a few points in this regard that keep the speculation going. The video has since been taken down by Google, to start with. Moreover, the sensor placement at the back-panel also looks slightly nudged-away from the corner: minus-1 for the supporters of Nexus 7 argument. The branding at the bottom is exactly what we can find on LG’s products. Both LG and Google, however, are reluctant to show any response to these conjectures as of now.

Nexus 5 is being expected to be announced for quite some time now, as it is eagerly being awaited by the Android community. The KitKat announcement, massive cuts on Nexus 4’s price to finish the remaining stock and now a glimpse at a mysterious Nexus device all point towards one thing: A new Nexus is right around the corner, and we can expect some good news from Google very soon (or may be, that’s only what WE, the FanDroids like to think!).

P.S. Here’s a link to the video, uploaded again by a YouTube user: The Unveiling of Android KitKat Statue – New Nexus 5 Leaked?


A new LG device recently passed through FCC. It has got similar dimensions and features, specially the sensor opening at the back-panel, as that of the one shown above and it provides even more reason to believe that we can expect the Nexus 5 release soon enough.


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